Privacy Policies

Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy

Streamroad Consulting collects and processes personal data as part of the provision of services arising from its activities as a Marketing Agency. It is in this context that the data subject provides his or her express and unequivocal consent for his or her personal data to be used by Streamroad Consulting.

Streamroad Consulting collects the following types of personal data:
E-mail (if associated with the data subject)
Telephone (if associated with the data subject).

3. Security and confidentiality of personal data
Streamroad Consulting ensures the implementation of appropriate measures designed to keep your personal data protected from any accidental loss and safe from any improper or unauthorised access, alteration or disclosure.

Personal data is collected and stored in a database inserted in a password protected system, with limited access and located in physical facilities, subject to strict access control measures.

Streamroad Consulting also ensures that its website is endowed with adequate security measures in order to avoid, to the extent possible, unauthorised access, theft, illicit modifications and loss of personal data introduced therein, constantly searching for and implementing additional security measures and techniques that are within its reach, with the aforementioned purpose.

4. How we share personal data and subcontractors
Streamroad Consulting resorts to subcontracting third parties for the development and maintenance of its databases, using partners with appropriate security levels and obliged to comply with Streamroad Consulting’s instructions on data protection.

Streamroad Consulting therefore guarantees that any entity subcontracted by it will process the personal data of the holders, on behalf of and on account of Streamroad Consulting, with the obligation to adopt the necessary technical and organisational measures to protect personal data from accidental or unlawful destruction, accidental loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure or access and from any other unlawful or unauthorised form of processing.

Where requested to do so, Streamroad Consulting is obliged to provide data subjects with the identification of its partners who process their personal data on behalf of Streamroad Consulting.

Streamroad Consulting shall retain the personal data of the respective holders as long as they maintain their consent, which shall be renewed every 3 years. Streamroad Consulting guarantees that the personal data of the respective holder shall be immediately deleted and may not be used for any other purpose, except with the express consent of the holder.

6. Forms of access, modification, correction and deletion of your personal data
Streamroad Consulting guarantees the owner of the data unconditional access to the data, for the purposes of verification, modification, correction and updating. The data subject may also at any time object to the use of his or her data.

The exercise by the data subject of any of the rights described in the preceding paragraphs, or any other information to be provided concerning his or her personal data, shall be carried out by means of a request addressed to the data protection officer appointed by Streamroad Consulting.

7. Contact details of the controller and data controller
Streamroad Consulting is the controller of the personal data processing carried out in the context of its provision of services, and its contact details are as follows:

Address: Rua 9 de Abril, 300/300A São Pedro do Estoril2765-542
2765-542 Estoril
Tel: +351 214686170

As the controller, Streamroad Consulting has a data protection officer who is responsible for ensuring the integrity of personal data and for implementing and enforcing technical and security measures in order to comply with its legal obligations on data protection.

The Data Protection Officer shall also be responsible for answering any request addressed by the data subject. The Data Protection Officer may be contacted at any time by personal data subjects, using the following contact details:

Morada: Rua 9 de Abril, 300/300A São Pedro do Estoril
2765-542 Estoril
Tel: +351 214686170

Streamroad Consulting reserves the right to update or amend this Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy at any time.

Any change to the Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy shall be promptly communicated to the data subject, who shall also be informed where he or she can consult such changes.

9. Law and jurisdiction
By providing their personal data to Streamroad Consulting, the Data Subject acknowledges and consents to it being processed in accordance with the terms of this Privacy and Personal Data Processing Policy.

Any question regarding the interpretation of and compliance with the Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy shall be submitted to the legislation in force in the territory of Portugal and, in case of dispute, the Portuguese courts shall have jurisdiction.

You may always lodge any complaint regarding our privacy policy in the treatment of your personal data with the National Control Authority, the Comissão Nacional de Proteção de Dados (Rua de São Bento, n.º 148 – 3.º, 1200-821 Lisbon; e-mail: